Website Accessibility

Whether you run a website, online shop, agency, or enterprise, our premium managed websites offers top performance and expert support.

Who Needs Website Accessibility?

  • People with visual impairments who use screen readers
  • People with mobility issues, who cannot use a mouse, and sometimes use devices to navigate by keyboard
  • People with colorblindness who might not be able to find “the green button”, or be able to tell when they are hovering over a button if the color contrast is low
  • People with cognitive issues who are unsure of which option to select
  • People for whom English is not the first language and use translation services
  • People with temporary conditions like a broken arm, or parents holding small children who need to enter information easily with key strokes
  • People relying on voice search using Alexa, Siri, or other popular devices

Website Accessibility Audits

Sample Audit

Our testing team will take a sample of pages, posts, and creative assets on your site and provide information about what changes need to be implemented. You can then take our findings and apply them throughout the rest of your website.



  • General site wide issues
  • Menu compliance
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Submission forms
  • 10 pages you choose
    • high traffic pages
    • ecommerce products
    • product page

Full Website Audit

Our testing team will take a full site audit of every single page, post, and creative assets on your site and provide a comprehensive detailed report.

Full site audits are time intensive and typically run into the thousands of dollars. A full site is a great option when you need to ensure that every website element is assessed and reviewed for compliance.

Who is it for?

For mission critical websites that need to ensure they are compliant and want to avoid expensive lawsuits, loss of revenue, and deliver an impactful website experience for all users regardless of disability.

Accessibility Audit

24/7 white-label email support

We'll use an email address you've set up for us (such as [email protected]) and have your signature and logo at the bottom of every email we send for you.

Access To Premium Plugins

Your clients get access to the premium plugins included in their plan, at no extra cost, when you set them up under your white-label WordPress care plans.

Discounted Services

As a partner you'll receive a discount of our full-priced monthly plans when 2 or more websites are managed under our partnership. This will help you scale and you are free to charge your clients whatever you choose for your margin.

Dedicated Install

On top of our 24/7 team of expert WordPress engineers, we have another team dedicated to your success as a white-label partner! Our Client Success Managers are there to help you grow and expand upon your partnership with us.

Premium Performance

From servers, optimization and plugins, we partner with the very best in the business so you can trust you are offering your clients the latest in digital infrastructure.

White-Label Speed Optimization

white-label speed optimization for your customer's websites at competitive rates.

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Need a new functionality in your website that no plugin has? I will build a custom plugin for you that does exactly what you want.

White-Label Website Maintenance

Hands on and proactive website optimization, maintenance and updates for agencies and freelancers.